Monday, 23 September 2013


Hye friends! For the last entry I have to do is review subject for this semester. For this semester, I have successfully done attend all my class. Especially for subject CTU 241 ( Fundamental of Islamic Economy), ECO 211 (Macroeconomics)  and QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics) I never skip this class without MC(medical check-up). Hehe. For other class I just skip when I have emergency case or other reason.
            In this entry I want to recommend for all subject that I has done study. First subject is CTU 241 ( Fundamental of Islamic Economy). I like to study this subject because it can give me knowledge about economy in Islamic side. This subject just have a class for one week. The lecturer is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadhil. She is a friendly lecturer. She always said “ye dok “ on her lectures. It’s because she came from Kelantan.
Next, subject ECO 211 (Macroeconomics). This subject is not very easy to me ,but it also not very difficult to learn. As we have high patient, we can learn and get knowledge easily. This subject is related to subject in semester 2 that is Microeconomic. For me, Microeconomic is more easily to learn compare to this subject. But different student has different opinion. Anyway, I will try to get the best result for final exam.
Furthermore, subject QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics). This subject is for calculation. I like the lecturer that lectures this subject. It is because she is very soft-spoken person. She always try to give the best to their student. Now, she had wait for her baby born. I can recommend that this subject not difficult when we work hard to get the excellent result in final exam.
Besides that, MGT 269 (Business Communication ). This subject give me how to communicate at the right way. Moreover, it can give knowledge about communication in the business. I have two different lecturers. It is for mass-lectures and tutorial class. For mass-lectures class, I have Sir Ahmad Kamil and for tutorial class I have Miss Fazlin Natasya. For tutorial class, the lecturer is very simple, humble, sporting and friendly. This subject just content 40 per cent for final exam.
Next, TPT 252 (Principle and Practices In Transport), this subject is my favorite subject, it is because this subject related to my courses that I have take. In this subject, I also can learn how transportation functions in the global. The lecturer is Sir Mohd Ramzi. He is very discipline person. In other time, he looks friendly with their student. These subjects have essay questions only, so for the best result we must read for a many time.
HBU 132 (Civil Defense) is one of seven subjects that I have taken. This subject is for co-curriculum. I feel very happy after I settle all of this subject’s classes. It is because this semester is the last part that I must attend. Hehe. In this subject, I can learn how to do emergency aids and can learn more things about JPAM(civil defense).
BEL 311 subjects is one of all subject that I like to study. It is because can make my English writing and spoken being well. For the lecturer for this subject that I can recommend is he like their student do their assignment perfectly. He also is a good lecturer with high discipline. He always tries to get their best lectures in their class. I like to go to their class.

That is all about review subject for this semester. So I have settled all my work that my BEL 311 lecturer wants. So I hope he can give me the best mark and can help me to past my BEL 311 subject. Thank you SIR IZUAN BIN ISMAIL for lectures me for this semester! =)

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