Monday, 23 September 2013


Hye friends! For the last entry I have to do is review subject for this semester. For this semester, I have successfully done attend all my class. Especially for subject CTU 241 ( Fundamental of Islamic Economy), ECO 211 (Macroeconomics)  and QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics) I never skip this class without MC(medical check-up). Hehe. For other class I just skip when I have emergency case or other reason.
            In this entry I want to recommend for all subject that I has done study. First subject is CTU 241 ( Fundamental of Islamic Economy). I like to study this subject because it can give me knowledge about economy in Islamic side. This subject just have a class for one week. The lecturer is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadhil. She is a friendly lecturer. She always said “ye dok “ on her lectures. It’s because she came from Kelantan.
Next, subject ECO 211 (Macroeconomics). This subject is not very easy to me ,but it also not very difficult to learn. As we have high patient, we can learn and get knowledge easily. This subject is related to subject in semester 2 that is Microeconomic. For me, Microeconomic is more easily to learn compare to this subject. But different student has different opinion. Anyway, I will try to get the best result for final exam.
Furthermore, subject QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics). This subject is for calculation. I like the lecturer that lectures this subject. It is because she is very soft-spoken person. She always try to give the best to their student. Now, she had wait for her baby born. I can recommend that this subject not difficult when we work hard to get the excellent result in final exam.
Besides that, MGT 269 (Business Communication ). This subject give me how to communicate at the right way. Moreover, it can give knowledge about communication in the business. I have two different lecturers. It is for mass-lectures and tutorial class. For mass-lectures class, I have Sir Ahmad Kamil and for tutorial class I have Miss Fazlin Natasya. For tutorial class, the lecturer is very simple, humble, sporting and friendly. This subject just content 40 per cent for final exam.
Next, TPT 252 (Principle and Practices In Transport), this subject is my favorite subject, it is because this subject related to my courses that I have take. In this subject, I also can learn how transportation functions in the global. The lecturer is Sir Mohd Ramzi. He is very discipline person. In other time, he looks friendly with their student. These subjects have essay questions only, so for the best result we must read for a many time.
HBU 132 (Civil Defense) is one of seven subjects that I have taken. This subject is for co-curriculum. I feel very happy after I settle all of this subject’s classes. It is because this semester is the last part that I must attend. Hehe. In this subject, I can learn how to do emergency aids and can learn more things about JPAM(civil defense).
BEL 311 subjects is one of all subject that I like to study. It is because can make my English writing and spoken being well. For the lecturer for this subject that I can recommend is he like their student do their assignment perfectly. He also is a good lecturer with high discipline. He always tries to get their best lectures in their class. I like to go to their class.

That is all about review subject for this semester. So I have settled all my work that my BEL 311 lecturer wants. So I hope he can give me the best mark and can help me to past my BEL 311 subject. Thank you SIR IZUAN BIN ISMAIL for lectures me for this semester! =)

Thursday, 19 September 2013


         Have a nice day friend! In this entry I want to story about my childhood memories in Ramadan. When I am 5years old, my family have teach me to keep full fasting for a month. I can get the reward and present during Hari Raya when I can fasting without missed. Hehe. It is because my parents want their children be a good person in life. Even my parents promised to me to give reward and present when I can fully fasting, I still cannot hardly keep my fasting. Of course! I’m still in 5 years old right?. Hehe
        So the best childhood memories in Ramadan that I was still remembered are drink in a quiet, follow my grandmother and grandfather go to mosque, and disturb my mom during she bakes cake and making cookies for Hari Raya. I am very naughty girl when I am in childhood. hehe
       First memories is drink in a quiet. When my mom sleeps in the bedroom, I move slowly to kitchen and open the refrigerator. Tadaaaa! A bottle of syrup just waits for me. Blurpp! Alhamdulillah I feel fresh. It is because I have erased my thirsty. Anybody don’t know what I do in the kitchen. It is the memories that I still remember until this time. =)
      Second memories are I follow my grandma and grandpa go to mosque to do “solat tarawikh”. During school holiday, I like to get fasting at my mother’s village. It is because I can play and get fun with my cousin, uncle and aunty. After go back to home when settle ‘solat tarawikh’ , my uncle have prepared lantern for me and my cousin. We play and hold the lantern around my grandma house. So funny! I love my uncle so much. Hehe.
      Last memories are disturb my mom during she bakes cake  and making cookies for hari raya. I feel very happy because in childhood I can learn how to makes cookies and bakes cake. The cookies that my mom make are ‘halfmoon, biskut kacang, biskut kelapa, biskut sarang semut’.
       That’s all my childhood memories in Ramadan.


           Hi everyone !! In this entry I want to story the ten fact about myself. I hope for those who are read my entry can feel happy.. So enjoy your feeling… hihii
            First of all, I want to tell that myself is not perfect . Even though I try to do my best in anything that I must to do in my life to get the better and success at the end.
           Firstly, I must to think for many times before I make a result for one thing. It is because, for me I can think from many side that the result I do can give more advantage or disadvantage.
           Secondly, I feel that I can make easy to people share their problem or anything that are possible. For instance, my old friends, Hamimah and Alia give their believed to me for keep their secret.
         Thirdly, I like to sleep during the free time. It is because I don’t like to read novel or outing with friend in free time. I prefer to sleep at my dorm or study compare to read novel or do anything that not give me benefit.
         Fourthly, an important thing in my life is discipline and punctual. For example, from primary school until in university, I am the top student come to class punctually. I like to friend with people that have same characteristics with me like Nadia, Norlela and Hafiza. Other than that, I like the person that has high discipline in their life. It is because since I was born, my families teach me how to be a discipline person. So, I must follow my family’s rule until now and for future time.
         Fifthly, my fiancée said that the fact about me is I always think positive when I get a problem. Yes! It is true. It is because when I face with a problem, I can try to solve the problem slowly and smoothly until the problem solve.
          Sixthly, my deficiency is easy to crying even get the good news. It is because my heart easy to feel sad and so on. I follow my mom characteristic that easy to cry. Hehe
       Seventhly, the fact about myself is don’t like to angry but easy to touching.  Hehe . When you look at me, you can describe me as people that easy to angry. Hihii
        Eighthly, I am the talkative person, so I like to nagging more and more until my roommate feel bored and furious with me. Haha
        Ninthly, I am friendly and easy to get close with me. So, for those that are in silence mood, or do not have friend, I ready for being your friend. Hehe
         Lastly, the fact about me is not like to join any political parties. It is because for me, politic can disturb my life. I just like to support the parties for the right way.

That is all ten facts about me. Thank you for spend your time to read my entry.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Eid 2013

Hi everyone ! . In this entry I want to talk about my past Eid in 2013.
I can’t believe it. A month of fasting during Ramadhan went away just in a short while like in a blink of eyes =).Hihi. During my sisters and I were busy of setting the curtains and make some decoration in the house, suddenly, we heard sound of ‘takbir’ nicely say from the mosque. And it gave sign that tomorrow is Hari Raya. And our praise to Allah, Alhamdulillah, we managed to fulfill the responsibilities as muslim and it’s the day that also known as ‘hari kemenangan ‘ after a month fasting.
            ‘Berlalulah sudah  Ramadhan sebulan berpuasa, tiba syawal kita rayakan dengan rasa gembira…lalalalal..’ hearing to raya song played by the radio deejay, we become more excited to celebrate Hari Raya. This year, our theme color for baju raya is mustard yellow. It’s been our tradition to wear clothes of same color and sometimes people called me as ‘boria’. The first Hari Raya, one of the compulsory things to do is ‘bermaaf-maafan’ session. After the session, we will go to grandparents’ and relatives houses. One of the practices during Hari Raya is give ‘duit raya’. I still received ‘duit raya’ eventhough I am 19 years old since I am still  a student. It’s exciting, right?
            The best part that I feel very happy in this Eid when I was join my fiancee family go to their family relative’s house. It is because from there, I can know who are their relative and so on. Moreover it become more surprise to me because it is the first year I have fiancée. Hehe. It is the most happy day that I have in this Eid.
            Then, a month of Syawal will be fulfilled with visiting the relatives to strengthen the silaturahim among us.
            Lastly, it makes me feel like can’t wait for the next Hari Raya. That’s all about my Hari Raya on 2013.

Ramadhan 2013

“sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari untuk menunaikan fardu Ramadhan tahun ini kerana Allah Ta’ala”.
This intention are for all people in Islam region. As a people that born in Islam region, I should be do the responsibility in Ramadhan month. As a muslim, during Ramadhan coming, I must prepared ourselves to be a strong person when meet this month. 10 July 2013 is the first of Ramadhan !
        Today, since it’s the first day we are fasting, it is quite hand for me to wake up this morning for “sahur”. I woke up at 4:30 early in the morning and help my mum made some preparation for “sahur”. Every day , it’s been my responsibility to wake up my youngest sister up, while my eldest sister help my mum in the kitchen.  The most important thing during our “sahur”  and break fasting is ‘kurma’ and ‘cincau yeos’ drink. We believe that ‘cincau’ acts as cooling during the day. Every day ,  my sister will make different menus as ‘juadah’ for break fasting. Some of them are ‘bubur kacang durian’ , ‘roti jala’ , ‘mee bandung’, and much more menus. During night, my family and I went to the mosque near to my house to perform tarawikh together.
      And as Muslim, during Ramadhan , it is a good practice to send and share with our neighbors some ‘juadah’ . I like to do this activities because can make a close relationship with our neighbors. Besides that, from there we can know how sharing and sending can give benefits.
For the year 2012 and this year 2013, only a few days I get fasting at my home. It is because as a student ,I must stay at college every day. But every weekend I was go back to my home to get fasting with my lovely family.
      For the last week of Ramadhan I was got my mid-term holiday. On this time I with my younger and eldest sister busy to help my mum for Hari Raya preparation. In this time I also feel exited to meet the first Eid. I just help my mum for baking some cookies like ‘biskut sarang semut, biskut kacang, and biskut kelapa’. Besides that I help my father to clean up around my house.
       This Ramadhan would be one of the greatest memories in my life, and I am so excited to meet the next Ramadhan. =)

Friday, 19 July 2013

My Classmates


Hye ! now I want to tell you all about my classmates. The group that I was join is JBM1173C. In this group I has 20 members. There are 11 girls and the rest are boys. We are not too close ,but we all have good interaction each other.
     First member that I just choose is Faris. His full name is Wan Mohamad Faris Syahmi Bin Wan Nazaruddin. I just pick his name for the first member that  I want to introduce because he is my class rapt. He is an intelligent boy. He come from Rawang,Selangor. His previous school is at SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman,Ipoh(STAR) . He also look like nerd boy.Hihi
       Next is Mohamad Norariffin Bin Md. Kasnan . I called his as Ipin. He is my best friend that I have in my class that is boy. We are very closed to help each other that have needed. I feel very comfortable with he. He come from Batu Pahat ,Johor that is near with my village. He also never contact me when he have a problem.
       Other than that is Meor Ahmad Shamir Bin Shaidi. He come from Taman Yayasan Segamat. He always look smart when go to class. His best friend is Aboi. Meor also have took same course with me in co-curriculum that is Civil Defense. Meor mostly go to class late. He never wake up late especially when class start on 8 a.m.
        Besides that, Ahmad Nur Asyraf Bin Abdul Syukor. People called him as Asyraf. He like to join Islamic club. He also like to ‘Nasyid’. He come from Puchong, Selangor. I look him as strong boy because he like to play sport game like ‘futsal’.
     Next person is Nazeerul syeffuzeq bin Norazam. We called him as Aboi. He come from Johor Bahru. His characteristics that I can tell is he is tall and always like to wear ‘retro’ suit. Hehe. I think he has a special person that he love in this university.  He like to play ‘dota’ game with his friends.
  Furthermore, Mohamad Muttaqin Bin Wan Ahmad Sukari. He is from Kota Bharu,Kelantan. He is like a Islamic boy. His best friend is ‘tokey’. The situation that I feel joke about he is when our Statistics lecturer do not understand what he talk because he talk with their town tone .
Last person from boy is Amirul Zulhilmi Bin Idrus . Most student that know him can called him as ‘tokey’ . He comes from Bukit Mertajam ,Penang. He always look smart and clean boy. He is specky boy. Anyway last semester he do not wear spectacle but he wear contact lens because the lens are present from his girlfriend.
        Now time to I introduce about all my girl classmate.Firstly, Iza Amirah Binti Hairul Anuar. She is a small and cute girl. Her best friends is Amirah and Nad. She always with her best friends when she go to class. She is from Puchong, Selangor . She look very closed with Asyraf . I think both of them have a special relationship.hehe
    Secondly is Amirah Binti Mohamad. Her face look like Chinese people. She comes from Johor Bahru. She also wear spectacle. She like to dance because she has join the dancer club for the old time. She also like to surf the Internet when she have a free time.
Thirdly is Nadiah Asyiqin Binti Abdul Aziz. She come from the same place with Iza. She is the eldest sister in her family. The best thing that she like to use is her bag that she called as ‘butang’. She also like to wear the simple clothes. 
Next, Nur Asyiqin Binti Abdullah. She is from Marang,Terengganu. She is one of my best friend that I have. She like to play the adventure games such as flying fox. I like to become closed with her because she always understand about myself. I never try to keep our relationship even she from different cities. She  is a cute girl .
Besides that, Nurul Hidayah Binti Johari. She is from Rawang, Selangor. She is a soft-spoken person but when she is in bad mood she can feel angry with anyone. Her best friends is Syafiqa and Asyiqin. She is a tall person more than me..heheh. I think she like to go to library to do researcher.
Furthermore is Nurul Syafiqa Binti Ali. She also from Terengganu. The same cities with Asyiqin. She is a slim girl. She always make a joke when she do presentation. She like to collect bag and shoes. 
Next, Siti Nadiah Binti Rezoun. She is my best friend start from I meet her in first class for first semester. She is very good and simple friend that I have and I need. She always understand and help me when I need. She also don’t like to interact with boy. I love her very much. We can do any work together.
Besides that, Norlela Binti Mat Akhir. She is also my best friend. She always help me and contact with me when she needed. She come from Putrajaya. She is a simple person and have good characteristics.
Lastly is Nur Hafiza Binti Rohayazat. She come from same cities with me that is Muar,Johor. She is an orphan . She stay with her sister and mother. She also have a special person that she love. Same with me.hehe. I feel very comfortable become friend with her.
  That is all about my classmates for this semester. There make me feel happy and enjoy always . I love all my classmates .  

Subject This Semester

In this current semester, I have take seven subjects .There was include subject by faculty, program and university. The subjects that I have take are BEL 311 (English for Academic Purposes), QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics), TPT 252 (Principle and Practices In Transport, HBU 132 (Civil Defense), ECO 211 (Macroeconomics),MGT 269 (Business Communication ) and CTU 241 ( Fundamental of Islamic Economy).
For subject that I am takes in this university is BEL 311 (English for Academic Purposes). The credit hour for this subject is three credit hours and it had six contact hours. It is mean I have six hours to meet with my lecturer in class even this subject just have three credit hour for final examination. Furthermore, for assessment it is contain 60 percent. It also divided to three, which is term paper, discussion and outline. For term paper, 10 percent for first draft, 15 percent for final draft and five percent for outline. So, the total for term paper is 30 percent. Another 30 percent is for discussion and online quizzes. Discussion is include 20 percent for group discussion and 10 percent is online quizzes that student must log in to online systems. The name of lecturer for this subject is Mr. Izuan Bin Ismail. He is tall person and wear spectacle. He also soft spoke. In my impression, I think and I hope this subject can give me more knowledge, experience and the most important is the lecturer can interact with me and also give me the best result in final examination.
Another subject is QMT 181 (Introduction to Statistics). For this subject it is had three credit hour but it contact hour is four. For assessment it is divided to quizzes, assignment and tests. For quizzes 5 percent, assignment 5 percent and tests 30 percent. Test is divided to two. The total assessment is 40 percent. QMT 181 had 7 topics that must be finish in 13 week before final examination. The lecturer’s name for this subject is Madam Norani Binti Amit. Let’s me give their characteristic. She is the tall one that looked simple every day. She is soft spoken but I am understood about her condition, it is because she is in pregnancy women just now. She also thin person. My impression for this subject is i hope i can understand what I learn and I can do the best for final examination.
Besides that, another subject is TPT 252 (Principle and Practices in Transport). The credit hour for this subject is three and their contact hour also three. For assessment it is divided to quizzes, assignment and tests. For this subject, I should do presentation to get additional mark for ongoing assessment. I think this subject have to do trip go to the place that relate with this subject. For instance, trip to Port Klang. So, student can get the experience. The lecturer’s name is Leftenan Colonel Mohd Ramzi Bin Haji Mohd Nor (B). He is looked smart every time. He is wearing spectacle. In my impression, I think this subject is about principle in transport and it is related with my program that i take. I hope I can get the perfect result for all subject especially for this subject.
Next, ECO 211 (Macroeconomics). This subject continuous from Microeconomics. The credit hour for this subject is three and their contact hour also three. For assessment, there are divided to quizzes, assignment and tests. Lecturer can make quizzes every chapter finished.  10 percent for quizzes, 10 percent for assignment and 20 percent for two tests that are 10 percent every test. So, total assessment is 40 percent. The lecturer’s name is Madam Diana Binti Mazan. She is the pretty one that look gorgeous every class that i have attend. She also liked to wear Ariani scarf. The thing that i like is she likes smile every time. My impression for this subject is I hope I can learn the new knowledge about international economics.
Furthermore,  MGT 269 (Business Communication). The credit hour for this subject is three and their contact hour also three. For assessment, there are divided into quizzes, assignment and tests. For this subject also, student might be done the report meeting. There are three assignments that have 60 percent. Student just had 40 percent for final examination. The lecturer’s name is Miss Fazlin Natasya Binti Abdul Halim. She is cute person, humble and simple person. In my impression, I think this subject can make me brave to communicate with people.
Besides that, subject CTU 241 (Fundamental of Islamic Economic). This subject assessment is divided by individual presentation and midterm examination. There are 50 percent for assessment and 50 percent for final exam. The lecturer’s name for this subject is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadil. She is friendly person. She liked to smile with student. For my impression, I think this subject can give me more knowledge about Islam economic that can i do in daily life. 
For the last subject that I have takes in this semester is HBU 132 (Civil Defense). This is non- academic subject. It is subject cocuriculum that student must take from part one until part three. It had one credit hour and two contact hour. I must go to this class every Friday at 5 pm until 7 pm .The coach for my group is Mr. Zul Chandra. He is tall one and look like Indian. He is non - Muslim before he changed his religious. In my impression, I like this subject because this subject is more practical.